Hopefully what few rules we will use will not require any additions.

1) This will be a server for everyone.  Shit happens sometimes, remember  we all have to send out input through our host to the racing server and too the screens of the other participants.  Even a slight delay can make something not be where the person watching their screen says it is, versus what the other participants see at any given half-second.

2)  We plan on having fun first and foremost.  If for whatever reason people have a hard time getting along or are actively bullying, a decision will be made as to how to solve it.  May include race suspensions, removal and disqualification from a race or and outright ban.

3)  All DIRT races will have a 30 minute practice session at the beginning, ARCA 20 MINUTES, Serves two purposes, allows everyone to get there before qualifying starts and for everyone to meet the new people and say hi to old friends.

4)  All races will have the Heat Races format EXCEPT FOR THE ARCA SERIES. 40 will be the max at any time with 20 being in the features.

5)  Heat Race, Consolations and Main will start on the green flag.  In the Main the initial start is on green flag, after that starts will be double file and on the leader.

6)  We will try to be flexible with clearing penalties and the wave around rule.  Until the time we can not count caution laps, if you are involved in an accident do everything you can to get to the pits.  3 fast repairs are available and you will be waved around NO MORE THAN 1X EACH FEATURE to the lead lap.  

7)  If you are found after race review to have jumped a start and then asked for penalties to be removed, your event results will be voided and no points given.  

8)  If you exit a feature before the completion of it you will receive ZERO points

9)  We assume everyone is responsible in their decision making.  For this reason, you will be your awn admin during the league sessions.  This is to aid in the races running smoothly and so the Admins can race also.  DO NOT ABUSE THIS!!  DO NOT ADVANCE, GIVE SOME ELSE AN EOL, DISQUALIFY ANYONE OR USE THE YELLOW FLAGS MORE THAN IS NEEDED.   YOU ARE NOT TOO CLEAR ANY BLACK FLAGS ON A START UNLESS AN ADMIN SAYS IT IS OK.  IF YOU JUMP THE START THAT BADLY THAT YOU GET A BLACK FLAG THEN YOU HAVE BIGGER ISSUES FOR THE MOMENT.  SERVE THE PENALTY!